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Meyer Lemon Tree

Meyer Lemon Tree

Resistant to disease. Fast growing and cold hardy.
Age: 2-3 year
Sale: $79.95
Age: 3-4 year
Sale: $99.95
Some Juicy Facts about Meyer Lemons:

• Convenience:  In the garden or on the patio, this tree will thrive throughout the U.S.
• Taste:  Meyer lemons are packed with tons of citrusy flavor
• Production:  Expect a huge harvest of gorgeous lemons the very first season
• Incredible Lemons! Plump, sweet, and delicious, Meyer lemons will have your mouth watering

Meyer Lemon Trees, Loved by everyone, grown everywhere!
From coast to coast, Meyer Lemon Trees can be found growing in well-draining garden pots across North America.  Their portability makes them easy to grow even in the coldest climates in Canada! You’ll get the best of both worlds: When the weather turns cold, just bring it inside to brighten and freshen your home.  Outdoors, this cold resistant tree can endure frigid temps as low as 22 degrees if necessary, but keep your Meyer Lemon in warmer conditions when possible, usually above 50F. Regions with milder climates are great for in ground planting. 

Lots of Fruit without much Labor
Not only will you enjoy an abundance of amazing lemons, you’ll get them fast!  The secret is our grafting method of growing Meyer Lemon Trees, which is much faster than trees grown with seeds. The results are an early, productive harvest, typically within the first year.  Planted in a pot, each season, a young tree will yield around 50 lemons for starters.  The larger the pot, the more lemons you can expect.  If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the holidays, make it a Meyer Lemon, the gift that keeps on giving fresh, delicious lemons the whole year through.

Two to tango? Not with a Meyer Lemon Tree
There may be safety in numbers, but with Meyer Lemon Trees, you’ll get plenty of incredible lemons with just one tree.  There’s no need for a companion when it comes to pollination.  Meyer’s will pollinate themselves, so other lemon trees are not necessary.  But don't let that stop you from getting more than one.  The great news is the fruiting season will last even into the winter months. In fact, early winter is when you can expect to pick the ripest fruit from your tree.  The busiest harvest time will occur between the spring and end of fall.  Just wait until the color is a yellow/orange and pick away.  Meyers store well indoors for up to 2 weeks but will wait patiently on the tree until you’re ready for them.

Mature Width: 3-4 ft.
Mature Height: 5-10 ft. unpruned
Gowing Zone: 4-11 patio | 8-11 outdoors
Sunlight: Full - Partial
Ideal Temperature: 55 F - 85 F
When to Harvest: Fall and Spring
Botanical Name: Citrus x meyeri
Does Not Ship To: AZ, CA, FL, LA, SC, TX
The New URDA Plant Hardiness Map

This tree can be grown in a container anywhere in the US.

1 Year Old Trees

For Citrus trees up to a year old, expect heights of about a foot and a half tall and a trunk diameter of about a quarter of an inch.  Early growth should take place in a 4 by 10 inch container of soil.  As the tree continues to grow, repot it into a larger container so the roots have room to grow.

2 Year Old Trees

Standing at a height of about two feet tall with a trunk diameter less than half an inch, our 2 year old trees are set in a one gallon container of soil.  Once established, repot into a larger pot within a few months of delivery, or when roots begin to show through drainage holes.

3 Year Old Trees

More fully developed in both its branches and root system, the three year-old trees have trunks about half an inch in diameter and are more substantial in size and development than the other two sizes. Once you receive your new tree, gently plant it in a container about a foot wide. They can also be planted directly in the ground in suitable climates.

4-5 Year Old Trees

If you want fruit fast, this is the tree size for you. Our 4-5 year old trees stand at a height of about 3.5-5 feet tall. Some are already producing fruit before we ship them! The roots and branches are more developed than the younger trees. If you are not planting it in the ground, we recommend a small to medium-sized pot for planting.

Shipping TableWe try to avoid plants being in transit over the weekend. This is why we ship all orders at the beginning of the week. You will receive a tracking email from FedEx when your order has been shipped. On rare occasions, we will delay shipping if we see severe weather forecasts for your area or ours. If you have delayed an item, we will be happy to send you your other items sooner at your request. 


Citrus Tree Shipping
We take great pride in ensuring your citrus tree makes it to your home safely, and have developed custom solutions to make this happen. First, we pick the highest quality tree out of our inventory of the strongest, hardiest, and most resilient citrus trees you can find. Our nursery experts then give your tree some water and fresh fertilizer. After your tree is prepped, it is sent to our packaging department, where your tree is outfitted in a custom made box, and shipped to you! Our special contract with FedEx ensures your tree is getting the most gentle, reliable, and cost effective shipping than any nursery can offer.