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How to Fertilize

How to Fertilize Your Citrus Trees
Citrus trees will perform at their peak, achieving their optimal height and most productive harvests if they are given the right nutrients.  Fertilizing your tree will help ensure proper health and successful growth.  Here’s all you need to know to fertilize your citrus tree:

Follow these easy, step-by-step instructions to properly fertilize your Citrus Tree

1. Use Slow Release Nitrogen
Nitrogen is the key ingredient in fertilizer that citrus trees require.  Whether you use liquid or granular fertilizer, spread the annual required dose out over 3 or 4 applications, beginning in early spring and finishing before summer ends.

2. Water it Down
Before applying your fertilizer, make sure you water the citrus tree thoroughly to prevent it from drying out or burning the roots.

3. Spread it out
Spread the fertilizer evenly throughout the soil surrounding the tree within a 2-3 foot diameter around its base.  Refer to the fertilizer label for any specific details or recommendations on application rates.

4. Rinse
Once the fertilizer is applied, water the tree liberally, making sure all of the nutrients are absorbed into the soil.

5. Repeat
The key to fertilizing is to make sure you continue the process when needed.  Between February and August, repeat steps 1-4 at least every 6 weeks, but no more than every four weeks for a Citrus tree that was planted in the ground.  Trees grown in containers will require almost double that, since nutrients in containers tend to get leached away, so repeat the process about every two weeks.

To prevent orange and grapefruit rinds from growing thicker and their juice content from decreasing, do not apply heavy concentrations of nitrogen fertilizer in the summer and fall.